The 6 Types of M&A Personalities: Part Two

We have previously discussed two of the most common M&A personalities that you might come across when closing an M&A deal. As we have learned, it is not only important to learn which business you are working with, but which types of people as well.

3. The Close Examining Negotiator

This individual will often negotiate and fight constantly for the smallest of details in the M&A deal. While being attentive to details is very important if you want to ensure the success of a client, endlessly negotiating those small details will do more harm than good. You’ll find yourself spending time on the smallest of details without making progress towards the big picture.

4. The Renegotiator

Unlike the Close Examining Negotiator, this person will wait until the M&A deal is almost closed and request a renegotiation. In spite of having discussed the terms of the deal with you behind closed doors, he or she will suddenly object to the deal without your consent. The most important thing to do is not give in. Changing the deal at the last minute can negatively affect your relationship with the buyer or seller.

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