Buying a Business

Overview of George & Company Business Buying Services

When first-time business buyers search the market for new acquisition opportunities, often-times, they only see a fraction of actual businesses listed. The reason behind this omission is due to a large number of well-known businesses residing in the “hidden market”. Meaning the company is not listed “for sale” in the open-marketplace as a result of confidentiality. Many of these “hidden opportunities” exist in our database or with one of our colleagues. They may fit your “ideal scenario” where the seller is prepared to accept a fair deal!
For four decades, our team has worked with buyers during every step of the successful business acquisition process. Our vast experience as business appraisers, intermediaries, advisors, and financial experts allows us to provide an extensive range of small or large business brokerage services.

Buy-Side Representation

Buy-side representation can be beneficial to business buyers because of the professional experience critical for a successful M&A deal. Whether a buyer has never purchased a business, or frequently invests in private equity, buy-side representation helps the M&A process to run smoothly and effectively.


As the intermediary is not emotionally invested in the deal, statistics show that they generally negotiate a better price. Not only are intermediaries a neutral part of the deal, they also possess years of professional experience with negotiation and a knowledge of buying and selling that makes for effective deal-making.


Buy-side clients have a choice of different fee structures with George & Company. The structures are established on a case-by-case basis and are comprised of either an a la carte hourly billing rate, a success fee based upon the acquisition price, or retainer agreement with a reduced success fee. 

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