A Proprietary Approach to Selling Your Business

A Strategic Options Analysis from George & Company

Strategic Options Analysis

A prudent step in deciding if now is the right time to sell your business is to have a Strategic Options Analysis (SOA) performed by a George & Company business broker.  An SOA, a proprietary tool of the George & Company team, combines the elements of a business appraisal, a financing template to determine the amount of cash a lender will give, business trends, the economy and the industry you are in.

The SOA starts with a recast of your financial statements, adding back non-recurring and perquisite expenses.  This is a critical exercise in selling a business because buyers and lenders expect that your tax returns be prepared to minimize taxes. SOA’s also examine the company’s history, management makeup, working capital needs, business selling market, past sales of similar companies, client concentrations, vendor relationships, and countless other critical factors that will comprise your business’s value.

Having an SOA prepared allows business sellers and other decision makers to make an informed judgment. Maybe the market is red hot for selling your business or maybe the SOA will highlight things that if done will enhance the company’s value down the road.

When we say, “Trust the Experts” we are proud that George & Company has appraised and sold thousands of businesses for more than thirty years.  Our team is as long tenured as any you’ll find in New England or around the US.  We find it’s valuable to have knowledge of what it feels like to be sitting on both sides of the closing table. Selling your business can cause emotions to run high. It’s not just about the money.