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Sell My Business

My children were going to take over the business, that’s not happening

I want to sell my business but, I don’t know what it’s worth 

Selling my business way harder than I thought it would be

I want to sell my business to someone who will treat the employees as I have

I wanted to maximize the value of my business and retire  

NOW WHAT?​​​​​​​

Have questions about selling your business?  

We have answers.  


There’s nothing cookie cutter about selling a business.  For many owners, it’s often the largest financial transaction in their career.   

For over 40 years, George & Company has been helping business owners sell their companies and retire.  To find out how to we help you navigate the critical process of selling your company, a confidential meeting with one of our advisors should be your next step.  

  • We are extremely sensitive to your needs for the highest level of discretion and secrecy. 

  • We’ve helped our clients value, buy and sell thousands of businesses.

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The team of transition experts at George & Company has been working with business owners to plan and navigate the exit from their businesses for four decades.