Knowing Your Potential Buyer

​​​​​​​When a seller is approached by a potential buyer, it is important for the seller to understand the buyer’s intentions and what they can do for the future of the company.

Potential Buyer: Your Company’s Legacy

If the company is operating successfully, can the new owner continue the current trend? Most sellers want their companies to continue to be successful for the sake of their employees. Knowing how a buyer plans to integrate current employees in to the new business can be the biggest component on furthering a potential deal with them.

Every business leaves behind a legacy. This affects how your business is seen by the public, what kinds of clients and customers you work with, and how your employees feel going to work. Even if you do not plan on sticking around post-transaction, you will still want to see your company continue on a positive level. Be sure that the potential buyer will further your business’s legacy.

Finding and vetting potential buyers is best done by those with years of experience in the field. With over 35 years of experience, let George & Company help you find that perfect buyer for your company and it’s legacy. Contact us today.

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