How Many Potential Targets Should I Put On My List?

Your ultimate goal as a buyer or seller is to successfully close the deal with the most money in your pocket. The odds of closing a deal can only increase with a larger number of potential targets from a comprehensive list. But how many perspective targets should be on your list?

Potential Targets List For Buyers

Depending on which industry the buyer is interested in, a list of approximately 50 to 75 potential targets. If you are a buyer that is interested in making multiple acquisitions over a period of time, then you might want to create a list of 100 sellers. If you are having difficulty creating your list, adjust your search criteria.

Potential Targets List For Sellers

A target list of approximately 100 buyers will increase the likelihood of receiving multiple offers. As always, the more qualified penitential targets you have, the more offers you are likely to receive.

When calling potential targets, you might find that some are subsidiaries of a parent branch. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a large target list, and create a cut-off number around the 125 mark. Your M&A intermediary can assist you in creating a substantial list of qualified buyers or sellers.​​​​​​​

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