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George and Company, Worcester, Massachusetts, Expert Testimony

Our staff has been fully trained in the proper courtroom procedures to aid in litigation support and expert testimony. We have designed our written presentations to be clear, concise and accurate to a judge or jury who may not have a financial background. When it comes to our expert testimony services, ethics are very important to us. We want to provide the best expert testimony services while standing true to key business appraisal ethics.

Each company has its own values, and our statements and opinions in the courtroom reflect our expertise and knowledge of the field. We will never side one way or the other, and our expert testimony will always be unbiased.

We work to provide expert testimony services in cases ranging from:

  • Divorce
  • Shareholder or Stock Actions
  • Fraudulent Conveyance
  • Estate & Tax Issues
  • Purchase & Sale
  • Economic Damages

Our staff of highly trained business valuation professionals at George and Company stand ready to offer the highest level of litigation support and expert testimony.

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