Businesses Over 1 Million 

Our Larger Listing Offerings as of  6/20/2017

OEM retrofitter of vans for utility companies – Projected 017 Sales: $14-15M – EBITDA $1.8 -2M – Coming Sept.

Hydroponic Grow Shop – Sales $6M – EBITDA $1.1M –  growing like a weed. LOINo Shop

Gas & Propane Transport – Sales $6M –Cash flow $650K – retiring owner of 35 yrs.  

Injection Molding Absorbable Surgical Parts – Sales $8M, EBITDA - $1.1M - LOIno shop 

Environmental/Geotech Drilling – Sales $2. 3M – Cash flow $508K – Same owner 48 yrs.

Manufacturer of FDA Class II Vertical Tanning Booths – Sales $1.7M, Cash flow $457K – just SOLD!

Branded Sunroom Additions – Sales $2M – Cash flow $248K – Long established with great tradename

Commercial & Residential Fencing Company – Sales $1.6M – Cash flow $200K – Big box installs 

Reverse Engineered Aero Parts – Sales $2M – Cash flow $400K – LOIno shop 

Seasonal Ski Shop with ecommerce – Sales $1.5M – Cash flow $250K (7.7 acres on VT mountaintop also available)

Payroll Services w/ proprietary software – Sales $4M –  Cash flow $350K – just SOLD!

Bridge Repair Company – Sales $2.2M – Cash flow $267K – asset sale, call

iPhone glass repair center – Sales $770K –Cash flow $340K – Incredible margins 

Manufacturer of Metal Doors – Sales $2.2M – EBITDA $446K – LOIno shop

Manufacturer of B2B conveyors – great margins – Sales $7.2M –EBITDA $1.9M – On Hold/new $6.8M contract awarded

Abbreviation Key

LOI – The company has entered into a letter of intent for sale and is under an exclusive no shop clause during due diligence

A – Active client – CIM available by execution of NDA

P – Pending client, waiting for additional documentation before publishing the opportunity

B – Exclusive buy-side client seeking acquisitions

EBITDA – Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation & amortization – Typically trailing twelve months

SDE – Seller’s discretionary earnings – Trailing twelve or projection for current year

M – Million

K – Thousand

More coming . . .next quarter!

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