Our Fee Structure

merger and acquisition, George and Company, Worcester, Massachusetts, our fee structureYour business is completely unique, and so will be your fees.  Our fee structure is very competitive with the marketplace and is custom tailored to each and every client.  Many of our fees are based upon a modified version of the Lehman Formula, a common compensation formula for merger and acquisition services as well as investment banking services.

Large Business Fees

Larger businesses usually have a fee structure that is based upon the increments of the total consideration of the sale. This is based on a sliding scale where the first million dollars in the selling price is awarded a higher percentage and each million after a lesser amount.

At George & Company, we often apply a rising fee structure once the target price is reached. Most sellers are pleased to pay a somewhat higher fee on funds they didn’t think would be attainable. We don’t get paid until our job is successfully completed.

The end result is that all parties are working towards a common goal of getting the maximum price the market will bear under the most favorable terms. Because we do not charge a retainer fee, we must be absolutely confident that we can get the job done to accept the assignment. The client can be assured that if we accept the assignment, we will get the job done.

Small Business Fees

Smaller business fee structures are typically based on a flat percentage of the total selling price.


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