About George and Company

Company Overview

George and Company is proud to be the premier M&A Intermediary in New England’s second largest city to specialize in the appraisal, sale and financing of  middle-market companies (valued above $1 million). First time buyers and merger and acquisition experts alike have come to rely upon the expertise George and Company brings to the complex field of business sales. Business sellers have come to expect only the highest level of appraisal and marketing techniques in bringing their companies to the market. At George and Company, the goal is always to maximize the transaction to the mutual benefit of the deal makers. Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, we are strategically located to serve the northeastern United States and indeed with recent deals, the globe. Services offered include the valuation of companies as ongoing concerns and strategic marketing techniques designed to gain the highest market exposure while maintaining an extremely high level of confidentiality. Financing can be arranged utilizing lenders ranging from local banks to international monetary sources.

Our Mission

At George and Company, our goal is to guide our clients through all aspects of M&A business transactions with confidence and trust. We offer a wide variety of M&A services to meet the various needs of our clients and to help them achieve their business goals.

A Message from the President

People are what make this great world turn. Crunching numbers and analyzing a myriad of information are all part of what it takes to be involved in the complexity of mergers, acquisitions and business sales. One thing we’ve learned over the past thirty years of business acquisition, ownership and sale is that a good deal does not happen without people working to a common goal. My goal is to continue along the path of finding ways to make win-win deals as a Business Broker. Yes, this can be much more work than just selling a business for whatever the first buyer might pay, but the long term results are both self-satisfying and insure a steady stream of referrals. Please allow George and Company the opportunity to be your broker/intermediary in what just might be the most important thing you have ever done in your life. Thanks for reading.

Christopher R. George, President & CEO of George and Company

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